The 7th Timisoara International Knee and Arthroscopy Course 2019

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Dear friends and colleagues,

Timisoara International  Knee and Arthroscopy Course is a comprehensive 2 and a half-days course covering principles and techniques of knee arthroscopy and primary arthroplasty for surgeons who want to perform or are performing knee surgery with assistance and are eager to become independent specialists.

The course is designed for surgeons at the earlier stages of their training.

The faculty of leading knee surgeons will explain the history and theoretical basis of arthroscopic surgery prior to four practical workshops simulating common procedures.

This highly interactive, hands-on course features expert faculty, who will share the knowledge, principles, and skills necessary to do knee arthroscopic and replacement surgery. You will learn how to determine an appropriate treatment course, identify potential pitfall,. You will also receive solid hands-on training in primary procedures during the bioskills lab (wet lab – cow knee model).

Why training in arthroscopy?
Arthroscopy is an area of orthopedics that just keeps growing and is getting more and more sophisticated. It requires a lot of time and training to learn and improve on arthroscopic skills. The most important skills necessary to perform arthroscopic surgery such as hand-eye coordination, triangulation and the ability to work in 3 dimensions while watching a 2-dimensional screen are skills that can be trained using a simulation exercise with animal cadavers and digital simulation. This can lead to improved accuracy, reduced number of errors, reduced number of unnecessary movements and reduced operation time.
You can learn this on our bioskills lab.

Why training in knee arthroplasty?
Easy indication, easy cuts, looks simple but needs a lot of practice until they are rightly done.  Wrong techniques and bad indication can lead to a disaster. You can learn correctly from the indication regarding surgery preparation and technical tips from our well-known speakers.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Timisoara!

Prof. Dr. Radu Prejbeanu
Course director

Data: 20 - 22 septembrie 2019

Lacatie: Regional Business Center Timisoara (CRAFT) si Pius Branzeu Center for Laparoscopy and Microsurgery

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