ESHRE conference Tubal factor management in infertility, Bucuresti

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Dear friends and colleagues,

I am the proud organiser of the ESHRE Campus course “Tubal factor management in infertility” which will be held in Bucharest, Romania, on 22-23 September 2017. This is the first course ever organised by ESHRE exclsuively on tubal pathologie. Our aim is to give a comprehensive view on the elements contributing to this factor of infertility.

I now wish to extend an invitation to participate in this Campus course - both to fertility experts and also to general gynaecologists interested in learning more about tubal pathology and the most efficient treatments.

This course promises to be lively, with much discussion on the diagnostic approach of tubal infertility as well as the place of traditional treatments and approaches to the disease, such as hysterosalpingography, IVF timing in tubal infertility, microsurgery or the treatment of subtle tubal lesions.

I hope you will be able to join ESHRE for this course on one of the most exciting topics in reproductive surgery at the moment. September is one of the best months to visit Romania, and I look forward to meeting you there.

Dr RV Socolov

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