Confestetis, Aesthetic – Plastic and Regenerative approaches in Medicine and Surgery

Afisari: 961

Locatie: Ramada Iasi City Center
Perioada: 24 -26 Octombrie

Aesthetic, regenerative and anti-aging medicine are characterized by a rapid
technological development and involve the introduction of always new therapeutic methods, and the preparation in this field at university level is always insufficient. For this reason, the need for continuous training is born through the confrontation between clinicians, firms and researchers.
Andrea Sbarbati

Regeneration is the key word of today’s medicine. After patented drugs, invented treatments, launched substitutes and prostheses, science came to the level of awareness and promotion of natural preservation and restoration. This explains the momentum that regenerative medicine has gained in recent years, and more and more research institutes channeled important forces in the study of tissue regeneration. This is also explained by the remarkable progress that science mentions in this area.
Lucian Popa

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